Beam Dynamics

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Annual Report for China Institute of Atomic Energy 1996年00期

摘要:2.1 Scaling Law of Emittance Growth for Both Gaussian Type Density Distribution in Linac1) Chen Yinbao Huang Zhibin Fu Shinian Recent theoretical work and experimental studies on transport of intense beams in linac channels have identified nonuniform charge density distribution as a major cause of the beam emittance growth. The Gaussian distribution is of much more general importance because, according to the statistical mechanics, any processes of random of statistical independent nature acting on a particle distribution in a harmonic oscillator potential will lead to displacements in the particles′ positions that obey a Gaussian distribution. In this paper, we study a bunched beam with radius b and length L, and its volume charge density distribution function as Gaussian type in both longitudinal (Z) and transverse (r) directions