Evaluation and Calculation of Nuclear Data

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Annual Report for China Institute of Atomic Energy 1996年00期

摘要:3.1 Nuclear Reaction Model Computation System(NRMCS) Su Zongdi The Nuclear Reaction Model Computation System (NRMCS) contains the following three parts: (1) Nuclear Reaction Model Code File (MCF), (2) Nuclear Parameter Databases (NPD), (3) Analysis-Selection-Analysis(ASA) System. Current programs of nuclear reaction model, such as: SCAT2, GNASH, ALICE, TNG, DWUCK, ECIS, MUP, UNF, etc., will be collected and integrated in the MCF above mentioned. Models and/or theories on which these programs are based ane as follows: optical model, statistical theory of compound nucleus reaction, preequilibrium emission model, direct reaction theory and so on, and the cross sections of reactions induced by neutron, proton, deuteron, triton, 3He, alpha, and photon, can be calculated, respectinely.