Experimental Nuclear Physics

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Annual Report for China Institute of Atomic Energy 1996年00期

摘要:2.1 Determination of Fusion Barrier Distributions With Quasi-elastic Scattering Zhang Huanqiao Lin Chengjian Yang Feng In the scattering of heavy ions at energies around the Coulomb barrier, the dynamics of both elastic and fusion channels are influenced by coupling to direct reaction channels. The fusion barrier distributions have been determined directly for several systems from precision measurements of fusion excitation functions with small energy bins. The distributions can be well reproduced by coupled-channels calculations including the dominant collective freedom of degrees or inelastic scattering/ transfer channels. Since the coupled-channels model predicts cross sections for all included reaction channels, one might expect that the presence of different fusion barrier could also be reflected in other channels. Recently, it has been suggested that some information about the fusion barrier distribution might be contained in the quasi-elastic scattering excitation function at backward angles in terms of the coupled-channels model with the adiabatic approximation and the isocentrifugal approximation[1,2]. In order to investigate this idea, the new type experiment was performed in Ref. [3]. We have tried to test this method and the quasi-elastic scattering excitation function has been measured for the systems of 16O+152Sm and 184W.